Healthcare System Developments

We have outstanding experience in the development of health sector systems, most of the solutions we have developed represent significant added value to the health care industry. In addition to the development of systems with a high level of security, we are also actively involved in health research development activities.

Smart Up Incubator House has previously carried out software development work in the development of a robot microscope, realizing the hardware control of the microscope and the image-based recognition of the tuberculosis bacteria.

Artificial Intelligence

Image recognition

Our team is involved in the development of a device capable of continuously measuring the level of contamination of water along defined points of view, thereby supporting water monitoring systems, allowing for early intervention. The inline / online, automated, volumetric microbiological water monitoring device is suitable for detecting, classifying and counting aquatic microorganisms.

We launched a pilot project to provide mobile application-based image search capabilities. The solution is not only to make online searches easier for customers by comparing their images with a database, but also to simplify the creation of ads and bids. As a result of user interaction and machine learning technology, system objects are classified and categorized from via the uploaded image.

Natural Language Processing

Our proprietary product called Perfect Chat is an artificial intelligence-supported, cloud-based, hybrid Omni-Channel chat solution that complements the human agent and dramatically increases the efficiency of customer service operations. Our language-independent technology uses a hybrid concept where the automated learning engine continuously analyzes communication between customers and live agents.

Machine Learning

In our developments, we prioritize solutions that are capable of learning, that is, they generate knowledge from experience. These systems are able to detect regularities, either individually or with human help, by means of examples and pattern analysis which, thanks to the learning phase, can make the right decisions in a knew, unknown situation. In an attempt to measure the effectivity, we teamed up with an independent artificial intelligence research group.

As a result of our work with MENSA’s leading psychologist, Dr. Kristóf Kovács and technology experts, human intelligence specialists and many more, the IQ of systems (eg smartphone applications) can be measured. Using artificial intelligence quotient (AIQ™), the performance of artificial intelligence applications is comparable, allowing users to choose the best solution for their needs, and creators can get objective feedback about what they have created.

IT Security


We investigate the involvement of the IT systems in the GDPR, minimize data protection risks, provide data protection in the design and development of IT solutions. We also investigate the personal data management of applications and the compliance of IT solutions according to GDPR requirements.

Access Management

With our self-developed solution called XS Matrix, we carry out a GDPR review of general and SAP-specific user rights. We provide an automated analysis solution for assessing the user rights of individual applications (primarily SAP business applications but on demand other business applications, on database and operating system levels)in compliance with GDPR, by exploring the user rights that pose a threat.

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