Smart Up Incubatorhouse Ltd. was established with the aim of realizing artificial intelligence-based developments either for our partners, or as part of our own product development.

Governments and market leaders in the world have already recognized that ICT is a determining factor in economic growth and competitiveness. Surveys in the European Union show that more than 50% of GDP growth is attributable to the impact of ICT on other industries. It is also obvious to experts that the impact of ICT ont he spectrum is increasingly dependent on the artificial intelligence components used. Thus, the leading role of artificial intelligence can be reversed to the leading role of ICT, while the leading role of ICT has become a major economic growth.

Many of the world’s leading countries, including Russia, China and the USA, have already established the necessary conditions for the development of artificial intelligence, while this has not yet been implemented in the EU. Our mission is to create the prerequisites for a competitive Artificial Intelligence Center in the Central and Eastern European Region.

Since our launch in August 2016, we have grown into a more than 30-strong, dynamically developing, innovative development team, where, beyond system development, alongside with Smart Up Incubator House’s AI research and development team lead by managing partner Zoltán Horváth – Kalmár award-winning software developer and Mindmaker Inc.’s former executive vice president and board member of Silicon Valley AI R&D Company – we place great emphasis on continuously improving the knowledge of our colleagues in the field of artificial intelligence.

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In addition to the abovementioned competences and research activities, Smart Up Incubator House Ltd. also develops complex systems including engine management, database management and the development of integrated internet applications that enable online work.

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In addition to the interesting and innovative projects, I like to work at SmartUp because I am given the opportunity to use new technologies that will most likely play a decisive role in the coming years.

System Developer

Various, diverse projects - I have a good chance to deal with a lot of things in parallel, which is a very good experience for full-stack programming.

Junior UX designer

Techniques and applications for image recognition and processing, construction of neural nets, algorithms - but also with flexible tasks, flexible working hours, home office and a family-like atmosphere.

Senior Developer

Would you like to be involved in the developments? Are you interested in the areas we work in?

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